Yes. You can always opt-out of electronic-only statement delivery. The opt-out buttons are present on the Search Statement page.

Yes. You can opt-in for electronic-only statement delivery for any account of your choice.

No. You must have a valid email address to opt-in for electronic-only statement delivery. The Email Address field is required and will generate an error message if the page is submitted with the field blank.

Yes. You need to be enrolled in online banking to receive e-statements.

If you have opted-in for electronic-only statement delivery, you will see On/Off buttons on the view e-Delivery Status page. Change the status to Off on each account or click the "Opt-Out for ALL Accounts" button.

There is no difference in the information on an electronic and paper versions of your statement.

Electronic-only statement delivery is a feature that offers account statements and disclosures in an electronic format only rather than in paper format. If you opt-in to this feature, then your statement will be available to you in Online Banking when it would have normally been mailed to you.